Monday, 12 December 2011

Group Members Introduction

1) Seyed Mohammad Etemad

I am Seyed Mohammad Etemad finishing my undergraduate degree in the Electrical Engineering Major at Carleton University. After working for the International ASET Inc. For the past 3 years as a webmaster for the website and a leader of the Student Committee for the ICNFA 2010 and ICNFA 2011 conferences, I decided to do my project in the field of programming.

Previously interested in Renewable energies, I have published a paper titled: “PV Solar Cells: Advantages and Challenges” in the proceedings of the International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation (ICEPR 2011) held in Ottawa, Canada.

Currently, I am still collaborating with International ASET Inc. along with finishing my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at Carleton University.

I can be contacted through email at:

Lee Lewanika Simbeye:
Hi. My name is Lee Simbeye. I'm an Electrical Engineer from Carleton University. I'm very interested in advancing simulation as a third paradigm of science and hence chose adding simulation to a mobile phone.

Milton Johane

Hello. My name is Milton Johane. I’m a fourth year student in Communications Engineering at Carleton University. My interests include programming for fun. I can be reached at  Thank you.